Men suffer too.

We are always talking about how women shouldn’t be forced to look a certain way, behave in a certain manner or talk like a lady. It’s true that they shouldn’t and they should be allowed to do what they want to. Models, actresses and of course how can I forget the Kardashians have all set like the benchmark making all women want to look like them. And then later somewhere someone talks about you being you and you do not need to be Kylie to be appreciated. But nobody talks about men. Nobody talks about how they too are expected to look a certain way. Therefore, I’m going to speak about them because you know I always want to bring into the light whatever I feel is neglected. There are perfect men described in literature and all our girlie magazines, there are perfect men embodied in movies, art and TV shows. And even in the modelling field where some take illegal substances and what not to enhance their bodies and images even further. Amidst all this what is a conventional boy supposed to do when he has no role models to look up to whom women find attractive, who isn’t stereotyped as the comic relief and who can be wanted by the female lead? It is difficult for guys too and sometimes and sometimes I think about how people only assume women have that problem and the discussion cannot be inclusive of all genders. We are in this phase that we assume bad things happen to only one gender. I think there are women who have extremely high standards about men as well. Like I mean I understand we girls have grown up imagining we’ll find our Troy Bolton and keep looking for that even if we know we aren’t Gabriella Montez. I am not asking you to settle for less but when I say less I’m talking about the way the person makes you feel not the way the person looks. And I think that’s what is going to be important at the end of the day.


Hi, Welcome to my blog ‘ NOTTHETUMBLRGIRL’. I made this blog when i was 18 and honestly I did not know what I was doing but I’m 20 now and I’m more than grateful to have a platform to share my life, my stories and a little bit of knowledge that I have. I’ll be graduating this year [ yippiee ] I love reading books [ duhh ] and I want to find my purpose in life

I believe that if there is something you want to achieve in life, motivation, perseverance and a little faith is more than enough. So go get what you dream of.. I hope you enjoy reading what I write. God bless you my angels..

5 things I do before noon.

I do everything that one should not do if they want to be productive but here we go:

  1. Check my phone- One mustn’t check their phone first thing in the morning as in a way it is really not good for your mental health. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t check my phone the second my eyelids open.
  2. Make my bed- This is possibly the most nice thing I do in the morning. It makes me feel responsible and like I have my shit together. You should definitely try this if you haven’t already. I promise you will feel more productive and feel slightly less stressful about your day’s plans.
  3. Send important emails- Honestly I feel like this is the worst thing among the 5 things I have listed and that is because my first task of the day is sending emails and it is very draining to wake up to dreadful emails from my seniors sometimes and even worse- replying to them strategically.
  4. Brush/ Freshen Up- While I brush I like to stand in my balcony and look at nature or some birds and that one uncle who is always on his morning walk exactly at the same time as I am brushing haha. Brush time (2 mins) is all I can spare for myself in the morning 😦
  5. Eat breakfast whilst still working- I am not saying I am a workaholic but I do work a lot especially before noon and that requires me staying active on my phone and laptop. This is definitely something one should not do. Eat well and when you eat please just focus on the delicious pancakes or omelettes your mom makes for you.I eat my breakfast really late so that’s the last thing I do before noon.

Some of the things above are undoubtedly things that you should not do.

Things you should before noon are-

  1. Drink lots of water and/or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar right after you wake up. (I will start this from tomorrow hehe)
  2. Set your priorities- Decide which tasks are more important than the other and do those first. This will really help you manage stress and time, both.
  3. Practice gratitude- It’s a new day! Celebrate it and be thankful for yet another day to get the chance of being a better version of yourself.
  4. A 5 min meditation- This definitely will go a long way. You can start with 5 minutes and then increase the duration on holidays or in your free time. It will help you feel at peace with yourself.
  5. Self-care- Whether it is eating a wholesome breakfast, working out or even picking your #OutfitOfTheDay do it will your whole heart. You deserve that lil precious time. And most importantly, don’t forget to say those affirmations.

Also, I have been MIA for the longest time now so please show me some love, I’m trying to make a comeback like Moira from Schitts Creek right now.

Don’t forget to tell me the 5 things you do before noon in the comments. Cheers!


Thought Scripted

I aspire to be a doctor and help people once I turn into an adult, or I will be an engineer to help the country progress. I would also like to be a scientist and make new inventions and be famous, like Albert Einstein. But I also want to be a space traveller, so I think that I should be an astronaut. But I can also be a journalist, or maybe a chef, so that I can cook and eat whatever I feel like. Oh wait, but I also like cricket, so I think that I should be a famous sportsperson, just like Sachin Tendulkar. This is what most of us aspired to be as kids.

But then, a few years flew by, and we were introduced to a few people who were very successful and we started admiring them. The likes of Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack…

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Support Sudan.

It seems that many people glorify movies, books, and art that depicts the survival from genocide, rape, massacre and despair. We are obsessed with these stories after they have happened and create TV shows and textbooks from them.

Yet when present day massacres occur we turn away and focus on other issues. The media cycle briefly mentions it and people don’t invest attention into the issue – unless it impacts their own family.

History is supposed to be a lesson for us. When will we learn? The people of Sudan need more action. Do we have to wait until it’s a famous story in a popular book for a literature class to care? To be horrified?

Sudan is such a beautiful place with amazing history but the world doesn’t care. One by one African nations are dying to fulfill some political agenda and the world is pretending to be ignorant.

How can people just get raped and murdered out in the streets but it isn’t even deemed as important as a building in France?

Could you bear this ?

Bear living 120+ hours without internet?

Bear to watch your neighbors, friends, family and children’s lifeless bodies be thrown into a river?

Bear to get a phone call about your bestfriend being mudered?

Bear to watch the women and young girls around you be raped?

Bear to watch the person next to you get beaten to death?

Could you bear to think that this could all happen right in front of you?

Could you bear witness to such a cruel thing?

I don’t think so I can. Neither should you?

There is not much coverage on this situation because their government does not want us to know what they are doing.

Does that mean we should not raise our voices for them? We can all come together and BE THEIR VOICE because they need our help.

If you are not aware about the Sudan Massacre please read up and help in any way you can! And pray for them.

{Adding few images I found the internet related to this gruesome act. Also want to give a huge shout-out to Rihanna and George Clooney for letting most of the world know what’s up in Sudan.}



I made it ;)

Hi, I am writing this at 12 am on the 26th of May 2019 with tears running down my cheeks to happily tell you guys that I have finally made it. Yes, I have finally graduated. My hands are shivering so much right now that I can’t even type properly. There were so many times I wanted to give up or thought I would never make it here. But I did, guys. I wouldn’t even graduate if it wasn’t for God and my mother who is truly an angel in disguise. She motivated me so much. She has seen me struggle with so many things but she never once lost faith in me. She is at my grandma’s house right now and when I called her she was so happy and she said that she is proud of me and nothing makes me more happy than that. She told me how she wanted to be here to see my expressions haha. Honestly, it is a very big thing for me. God is so good. I know I wouldn’t and no way could’ve graduated without him. This one is for all the people who are thinking they won’t make it. You will. Have faith in yourself and God. He is important. You may ask me how do I put my trust in something I haven’t seen and I just want to tell you guys that there are so many things that I have experienced so many good things happen to me that I know cannot happen by luck or coincidence. I know that I have many more challenges in life to cross but for now this was the biggest one and I overcame it. Therefore, CONGRADUATIONS TO ME  ( you see what I did there 😛 I was waiting for more than a year to do that haha okay bye love you and thank you for reading this)


Love has different forms.

pexels-photo heart 1

Honestly, screw all this “I hate Valentine’s Day because of I’m single.” Love is not just romantic. People can love in so many different ways that it is impossible to not have someone to celebrate with. It’s a day of love not a day for people who are in a relationship and there are so many things you love like a beach, your bestfriend, your parents, your dog, etc. Bake some cookies with your sister because you love each other. Watch cheesy movies with your bestfriend. Take your dog on a walk. Buy flowers for yourself. Make a diy card for your mom. Buy chocolates for everyone in your friends circle. Call a relative. Take a hot bubble bath along with your favourite songs in the background. Do something nice for a stranger or even play cupid for your friends. But most importantly love yourself and do things for yourself because you deserve all the love you thought you don’t and not only on this day but on all other days of the year. There are many ways to celebrate this day without a significant other. I hope that love is in your heart, and if not, that it will find you soon; which I’m sure it will! This day revolves around spreading love to others, but I hope that some of that love you are giving is to yourself. Love should be in everyone’s lives. Everyone! And you are no exception. So, I sure do hope that you send some love to yourself, but if you think that might not enough, I send my love to you! Happy Valentine’s Day my dear reader.

Also, it is Notthetumblrgirl’s 2nd Birthday so Happy Birthday to my blog. I wouldn’t be doing this is it wasn’t for you.A big Thankyou! for reading, supporting & subscribing I love you all.

pexels-photo heart

Lots of love,



Will 2019 be my year?

Last year I said that 2018 will be my year and I think many people said that too but it was not my year but obviously I am glad it happened because I discovered more about myself. I dug into this grave and found this human being who was still very much alive. I bought her out and took care of her for a whole year. I told her that she survived for so many years under these layers of mud and dead flowers and whatever it is that humans do to pay their respects to the dead. She smiled back at me and said that she was glad that I came back for myself. This year I am happy that I am back and alive and in full recovered from my past mistakes and regrets. I do not want to say that this is my year because I’m not Paul the Octopus.

But what I can guarantee is that I will be a better version of myself and that whatever I do I will try my best to excel in it. Even if it means waking up in the morning immediately when my alarm rings 🌚 It’s all about the little things right? I know I’ve already written a ‘ Looks it’s 2019 post’ but you know I want to do everything that I do in the best way possible. I will write more. I will appreciate the little things more. I will love dogs a little more ❤ and most importantly I will be a little more kind to myself & others. By the way, I’m going to a nature park tomorrow which is so not me but you know I love plants and I love butterflies so why not? If it goes amazing I will share it with y’all. Bye, love y’all ❤

Happy 2019!!!!

Hello my beautiful angels. It’s a new year, a new day, a new life and hopefully a better me. My first freaking resolution is to POST MOREEEEEEE here. I wanna write a lot this year because I am freaking grateful for all the 941 people who have subscribed to me. I still cannot believe that 900+ people read what I write. This year I literally promise you’ll to stay here and write more and make a difference to your lives even if it is barely 1%. I love you all. Thank you so much for reading and sticking around. I pray for that your 2019 be filled with love, peace and prosperity! God bless you little angels. And remember to be a better version of yourself this year. Love yourself & God. And most importantly know that dreams do come true

Until next time beautiful angels ❤❤❤❤

Give & Take.

Being a giver is so difficult when you actually aren’t even the slightest bit of a receiver. You give, you give and you give even when you don’t have anything for yourself. Know where to stop. Learn where to draw a line because that’s the only way in this world you can give and still be happy, give and still be at peace. You have to understand my dear friend that if you give something to this cruel world it will take more than it was supposed to receive and you won’t be able to do anything about it. You don’t need everyone to get access to you. Learn when you have to stop giving and start taking. Some people don’t even know they’re draining unless the last bit of their humble nature is exhausted. So give but don’t forget to take.

Peace or Silence?

Today as I was thinking of what I was going to write along with the stress of how much I have to still study for my exam (which is tomorrow) I came across this bizarre topic of can being silent mean that there is peace? { And I cannot tell you how happy I feel when a topic just random flows through my head and when I don’t have to struggle with writer’s block. Anyways, let’s get back.}

If a family is not communicating with each other does that mean that there is peace? I beg to differ. A lot of times we want to suppress our feelings, our thoughts and our opinions with the fear that it might disrupt the peace but is there really peace in the first place? When was the last time we as citizens of this world actually felt peace? Okay, maybe global citizens is too much. What about people of a community, of your society or even your own family? Being silent is not equivalent to peace. If being silent is your way of keeping the peace it won’t really last long. It is important for us to properly differentiate between peace and silence. “Are you really at peace or are you just being silent? ” is a question we all need to ask.

The sun will rise again?

You must be thinking why haven’t I written in so long, that is because there are days when I am unable to write. There is a disconnect between my head and my hand. My fingers do not want to even touch any paper because of the fear of “What if I tell them everything?” It’s like they are rebellious on some days. They don’t want to write about the thought that weigh so heavily on my mind. Is the heaviness from my mind or my heart? My heart is like a bag full of millions, heavy to lift but too valuable to be left like that. The only difference is that I’m not talking about millions of money, I’m talking about the million forms of melancholy but I cannot leave it like that, unattended. Because attending to it is the only thing that makes me feel home. Embracing my sorrows makes me feel quite comforting more than I’d like to admit. Whether the words come from my heart or my mind there are a lot of qualms to let them from my head or heart to my fingers slowing passing it on to paper. It is vulnerability I fight with & struggle to expose.